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Committee Membership

The National Drug Scheduling Advisory Committee’s (NDSAC) eight expert members are chosen for their knowledge and experience in such disciplines as pharmacotherapy, drug utilization, drug interactions and toxicology, pharmacy practice, academic research, the drug industry and pharmaceutical regulatory affairs at federal and provincial levels. This knowledge and experience must be relevant to the Canadian public and healthcare system.

In addition to the above, candidates for appointment to NDSAC must possess:

  • an appreciation of the health, pharmaceutical and marketplace contexts in which the Committee’s recommendations will have impact;
  • objective analytical skills;
  • no personal stake in the scheduling recommendations of the Committee;
  • a high degree of integrity and respect for the confidential nature of the proprietary information under study;
  • effective interpersonal skills relevant to Committee dynamics;
  • an ability to serve in the best interests of the Canadian public; and
  • Canadian residency.

NDSAC members are mandated to serve in the public interest, aiming to promote optimal pharmacotherapy while recognizing the role and responsibility of the patient in health care. Appointments of expert members are not representational in nature and NDSAC expert members may not directly forward the views of any business, organization or association. Committee members must declare any real or perceived conflicts of interest and adhere to confidentiality codes.

In addition to the eight expert members, representatives of the Consumers’ Association of Canada and Health Canada’s Natural and Non-prescription Health Products Directorate serve on the Committee as observers.

Committee appointments are made by NAPRA pursuant to consultation with a wide range of stakeholders. Information on Committee vacancies, recruitment and application processes are posted on this site on an ongoing basis.

Appointments are for three-year terms, renewable once. Committee members select a Chair and Vice-Chair from among the members, both one-year term positions.