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The National Association of Pharmacy Regulatory Authorities (NAPRA) is actively recruiting 150 Canadian pharmacists across the country to be  mentors for a 4- to 12-week period as part of a pilot program to help international pharmacy graduates gain additional Canadian in-pharmacy experience. In-pharmacy experience provides international pharmacy graduates a great opportunity  to gain experience in Canadian pharmacies and expand their knowledge and communication skills before beginning their formal training and assessments. NAPRA has created the Pilot Program to Prepare for Practical Training (P4T), funded by the Government of Canada’s Foreign Credential Recognition Program, in order to help international pharmacy graduates obtain practical  experience and improve skills and knowledge critical to being a pharmacist in Canada.

The mentor’s role is to introduce international pharmacy graduates to the Canadian pharmacy environment. With a mentor’s help, international pharmacy graduates are better prepared to complete their formal training and ultimately protect the public’s health and well-being through safe, regulated pharmacy practices.

Pharmacists with a minimum of two years’ experience and in good standing in their respective jurisdictions can apply. Mentors will receive training and support throughout the mentorship experience. P4T offers a wage subsidy to pharmacies to pay international pharmacy graduates as well as a professional fee to compensate for the mentor’s time dedicated to the mentee.

If you are passionate about pharmacy practice in Canada and want to help international pharmacy graduates be better prepared for a successful integration into pharmacy practice, become a mentor today! To become a mentor, please register online on Pharmacists’ Gateway Canada.

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