Meet Sali, a Dedicated P4T Mentor

Sali P4T Mentor

Note: The Pilot Program to Prepare for Practical Training (P4T) concluded in December 2022. NAPRA thanks all P4T mentors and mentees for making the project a success. While the mentorship component is now completed, the Diagnostic Tool and Learning Modules (DTLM) introduced as part of P4T continue to be available online to pharmacy professionals and other interested participants, with no prerequisites or requirements. To learn more: NAPRA Diagnostic Tool and Learning Modules.

The National Association of Pharmacy Regulatory Authorities (NAPRA) is currently recruiting experienced pharmacists to become mentors for the Pilot Program to Prepare for Practical Training (P4T).

P4T is a national pilot project that aims to provide international pharmacy graduates access to tools, resources, and a mentorship program as they pursue licensure in Canada. The mentorship component matches international pharmacy graduates with experienced pharmacists, providing them a unique opportunity to gain practical experience in Canadian pharmacies as well as relevant cultural knowledge and communication skills before they begin their formal training and assessments.

P4T mentors are passionate about improving pharmacy practice in Canada and dedicated to helping international pharmacy graduates prepare for a successful integration into pharmacy practice in Canada. Sali, a pharmacist and a P4T mentor, shares below what motivates her to mentor international pharmacy graduates.

“I had a mentor 25 years ago when I came to Canada. He taught me and he helped me to become a good pharmacist, and I’m doing the same now. I am teaching international graduates and helping them to become good pharmacists. I believe that without mentorship, without hands-on experience inside a pharmacy, international pharmacy graduates will not be able to perform the duties in the full scope of practice of a pharmacist.

Mentorship is really important because it teaches things that are not in the book. I’m very happy when I see my mentee practice what I teach her and do it with perfection.

I am a mentor because I love pharmacy and I love being a pharmacist, and I love to pay back to the profession and make sure that there are good pharmacists around.”

Learn more about the P4T program and about how to become a mentor.

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