NAPRA Annual Report 2021

NAPRA Annual Report 2021

The National Association of Pharmacy Regulatory Authorities (NAPRA) is pleased to announce the publication of NAPRA’s Annual Report 2021, titled “Navigating a World in Transition”.

The report reflects NAPRA’s continued support to its members, the pharmacy regulatory authorities across Canada, as they confronted the pressures of the second year of the COVID-19 pandemic on the profession of pharmacy, which saw, among other challenges, an expansion of the scope of practice of pharmacy professionals. As its members worked to ensure that the Canadian public continued to receive appropriate pharmacy care amidst rapidly evolving circumstances, NAPRA provided assistance in various ways, including facilitating engagement with Health Canada and other key stakeholders and publishing continually updated pandemic-related information for their exclusive use.

In addition to providing pandemic-related support, NAPRA worked to advance its planned activities in 2021, including maintaining the National Drug Schedules, effectively managing Pharmacists’ Gateway Canada, running the Pilot Program to Prepare for Practical Training (P4T), and made progress on several areas of its 2019-2023 Strategic Plan, as detailed in the report.

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