Engaging in Effective Conversations About Opioids: A Pharmacist’s Toolkit

Engaging in Effective Conversations About Opioids: A Pharmacist’s Toolkit

In September 2019, NAPRA released the Pharmacist’s Virtual Communication Toolkit: Engaging in Effective Conversations About Opioids. This toolkit provides pharmacists with communication tips and strategies for engaging in effective conversations with patients about opioids. The toolkit also offers links to additional resources and references to help pharmacists become more comfortable engaging with patients regarding opioids.

The opioid crisis is a significant public health issue1 and pharmacists play an important role in helping Canadians navigate this complex issue. The COVID-19 pandemic created even more challenges for people who use drugs or have a substance use disorder. They may be at an increased risk of withdrawal due to self-isolation or quarantine, which may put them at increased risk of overdose due to the increasingly toxic and unpredictable illegal drug supply.2 It is now more important than ever for pharmacists to take action to help address the opioid crisis. 

Pharmacists are invited to review the tips, tricks and links in the toolkit to help them feel better equipped to engage in truly effective conversations with patient about opioids.



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