Pharmacists’ Gateway Canada

Pharmacists’ Gateway Canada (Gateway) provides licensing information, self-assessment tools and a centralized document repository for international pharmacy graduates (IPGs).

The Gateway helps to explain the licensure process to IPGs who want to be licensed to practise pharmacy in Canada. It will guide IPGs through each of the steps in the process and help them to identify what requirements they can complete before they arrive in Canada.

The program offers tools to help to:

  • understand the practice of pharmacy and the licensing requirements in Canada;
  • determine whether candidates are ready to proceed with the application process to practise pharmacy in Canada; and
  • identify areas where candidates need to improve their pharmacy skills and knowledge.

Pilot Program to Prepare for Practical Training (P4T)

The Pilot Program to Prepare for Practical Training (P4T) is a national short-term pilot project (2019-2022) that aims to provide access to tools, resources, and a mentorship program to specifically address the learning and skill gaps that have been identified as barriers to success for international pharmacy graduates pursuing licensure as a pharmacist in Canada

The project has three main components which support a smoother entry to pharmacy practice in Canada: a diagnostic tool, three learning modules and a mentorship program. The video below explains how the program benefits both mentors and mentees.

For more information, visit the P4T website or contact the P4T team at [email protected]