NAPRA Diagnostic Tool and Learning Modules (DTLM)

Launched as part of the now-concluded Pilot Program to Prepare for Practical Training (P4T), NAPRA’s Diagnostic Tool and Learning Modules (DTLM) addresses knowledge and skills gaps in three areas relevant to pharmacy practice in Canada.

Diagnostic Tool

The diagnostic tool is an interactive online resource that assesses three areas of knowledge through a series of 45 questions, identifying specific gaps in knowledge and experience, and offers opportunities for improvement. The three areas of knowledge addressed are:

  • Knowledge of the Canadian healthcare system;
  • Cultural diversity and awareness; and
  • Professional communication.

Learning Modules

Once the initial assessment is completed, access to three interactive online learning modules is unlocked. The learning modules help participants to further develop knowledge and skills relevant to Canadian pharmacy practice in the three areas assessed in the diagnostic tool.

Modalities of Participation

There are no conditions to access NAPRA’s DTLM. The learning program is available to all pharmacists, international pharmacy graduates and pharmacy students who wish to increase their understanding of the knowledge and skills required for pharmacy practice in a Canadian setting and/or to prepare to meet the requirements of the pharmacy regulatory authorities for licensure in their respective jurisdiction.

The cost for the diagnostic tool and all three learning modules is $95.00, plus applicable taxes.

Participants will receive a certificate of completion once all four components have been completed. Participants are asked to contact if an individual certificate of completion is required.

Those who wish to participate in the DTLM are invited to do so as follows:

  • Visit the NAPRA DTLM registration page
  • Create a new account
  • Choose a course
  • Pay the fee of $95.00 (+ applicable taxes)

For further information or any other questions, please contact