*CLOSED* REMINDER – Invitation to Participate in a Survey Regarding the Professional Competencies for Pharmacists and Pharmacy Technicians at Entry to Practice in Canada

Note: This invitation is now closed.

You are invited to participate in a survey to help validate a new draft of the entry-to-practice competencies for pharmacy professionals in Canada.

This survey is part of a National Association of Pharmacy Regulatory Authorities (NAPRA) project to review and update the Professional Competencies for Pharmacists and Pharmacy Technicians at Entry to Practice in Canada to ensure that they clearly reflect the competencies required for safe and effective practice of pharmacy professionals. NAPRA began a review of the entry-to-practice competencies in 2022 and has developed a revised draft of the document with the help of a working group comprised of practising pharmacy professionals, representatives of pharmacy regulatory authorities, as well as representatives from relevant external organizations with a role related to the document.

You are eligible to participate in one of the surveys if:

  • you are a practising pharmacist or pharmacy technician in Canada that provides care directly to patients
  • you supervise the work of practising pharmacists or pharmacy technicians in Canada
  • you provide education to pharmacist or pharmacy technician students in Canada
  • you work in the regulation of pharmacy practice in Canada.

Your survey participation is crucial for establishing the validity of the updates and revisions that are being considered for the entry-to-practice competencies.

The survey will take approximately 30-45 minutes to complete. In appreciation of your effort, NAPRA will enter your name into a draw for $300.

There are separate surveys for pharmacists and pharmacy technicians. Please complete the survey that matches your role. For example, if you are a pharmacy technician, you will complete the survey for pharmacy technicians. If you provide education to pharmacists, you will complete the survey for pharmacists.

The survey closing date is January 3, 2024.

By choosing to participate in this survey, you will be contributing to the quality of assessment and education of pharmacy professionals in Canada in the future. On behalf of NAPRA and the Working Group, thank you for your participation!

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